Applied Minds Conference 25/06/2015

A thought-provoking conference today at Tregenna Castle with speeches from Carl Jarvis (@carljarvis_eos), Mark Anderson (@ICTEvangelist), John Bosselman (@johnbosselman), Professor David Hopkins and others, giving their case for innovative, pupil-centred education with evidence that it improves outcomes and teaches students skills that employers want and need.

Highlight comment was from Carl Jarvis saying that we accept 70% of students passing, say Mathematics, as a measure of success but that we wouldn’t accept 70% of planes reaching their destination as acceptable.

Another interesting idea was identifying the bureaucracy that was actually required and getting rid of anything else, so teachers could concentrate on the important thing – teaching.

Finally the idea of teachers doing every project they set, so that they could know the challenges students faced was interesting and one that I will take on board for next year. Keep watching this space for my results.