The Crime and Disorder Act 1998 Section 115



Part, Section or Article

Section 27

Partners Involved in Information Sharing

Local Authorities with a responsibility for Children
Police and Probation Authorities
Local Health Authorities
Educational Bodies

Application and Explanation of Use as a Legal Gateway

Section 115 provides any person with a power but not an obligation to disclose information to responsible public bodies (e.g. police, local and health authorities) and with co-operating bodies (e.g. domestic violence support groups, victim support groups) participating in the formulation and implementation of the local crime and disorder strategy.

Personal information can be shared without the permission of the person to whom it relates however, the legal conditions governing the sharing of personal information must be followed.

Section 115 sets out the power of any organisation to share information with the police authorities, local authority (including parish and community councils), Probation Service and health authority (or anyone acting on their behalf) for the purposes of the Act. This ensures that information may be shared for a range of purposes covered by the Act, for example for the functions of the crime and disorder reduction partnerships and YOTs, the compilation of reports on parenting orders, anti-social behaviour orders, sex offender orders and drug testing orders.

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