The Digital Economy Act 2017 Part 5



Part, Section or Article

Part 5

Partners Involved in Information Sharing

Local Authorities
Any body working with an LA to provide a service, where that body has been registered by the LA
External bodies, such as water and energy providers where this meets the objectives of the Act

Application and Explanation of Use as a Legal Gateway

Whilst still relying on Data Protection legislation being adhered to, this Act provides a framework for the sharing of personal data by an LA. Its powers may only be used (and its use becomes valid) when the Act has been registered with the Government.

Under the Public Service Delivery powers, LAs may share information where:

* the information has already been lawfully placed into the public domain;
* the data subject has consented to the information being used for the other purpose;
* for the prevention or detection of crime or the prevention of anti-social behaviour;
* for the purposes of a criminal investigation;
* for the purposes of legal proceedings;
* for the purposes of safeguarding vulnerable adults or children;
* for the purposes of protecting national security.

Through the Digital Government (Disclosure of Information) Regulations 2018 the LA also has the power to share information in order to:

* Identify individuals or households who face multiple disadvantages and enable the improvement or targeting of public services to such individuals or households and provide for the monitoring and evaluation of programmes and initiatives.
* Assist people living in fuel poverty by reducing their energy costs, improve efficiency in their use of energy or improve their health or financial well-being.
* Reduce water or sewerage costs, improve efficiency in use of water or improve the health or financial well-being of people living in water poverty.

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