The Crime and Disorder Act 1998 Sections 17 and 17A



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Sections 17 and 17A

Partners Involved in Information Sharing

Local Authorities with a responsibility for Children
Police Authorities
Educational Bodies
Fire and Rescue Authorities

Application and Explanation of Use as a Legal Gateway

Section 17A states that relevant authorities are under a duty to share information of a ‘prescribed description’ which is relevant to the reduction of crime and disorder, including anti-social behaviour, in any area of England and Wales. This supports Section 17 which places a duty on them to do all they can to reasonably prevent crime and disorder in their area, through giving a focus to the work of crime and disorder reduction across a wide range of local services that influence and impact upon community safety and putting it at the heart of local decision making.

Prescribed information includes:

  • Police recorded crime and police recorded incidents.
  • Fire and Rescue Service recorded incidents of deliberate fires, assaults and malicious calls.
  • LA recorded incidents of ASB, environmental crime, racial incidents, school exclusions and road traffic collisions.
  • National Health Service / Primary Care Trust records on hospital admissions relating to assaults, drugs and alcohol related harm, domestic abuse, and mental and behavioural disorders due to drug use.
  • Ambulance Service call-outs to crime, disorder and ASB incidents.

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